I found Annabel’s ante natal classes invaluable – a little oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic working week. I really appreciated all the practical advice regarding the birth, the classes really helped me visualise the labour and birth process and develop strategies for pain management. In fact I think the pain management skills may have been a little too effective, as initially the mid wife did not believe I was in active labour and sent me home from the hospital without an examination, only to return a few hours later fully dialated! I found the visiting therapists very helpful and it was a wonderful way of selecting a practitioner you felt you could trust and relate to. Very importantly I have met and maintained contact with other new mums in my local area.

Anne, with baby Jaques

I really looked forward to Annabel’s yoga classes during my pregnancy. The yoga was a fantastic way to stretch out and physically prepare for labour. But the classes were so much more than yoga! In a busy and stressful working week it did me the world of good to have some time for relaxation in such a peaceful environment. Annabel offered loads of useful advice for labour, such as how to ‘welcome’ contractions, positions for labour and breathing. It was really interesting to meet a variety of therapists, who gave short talks about relevant areas like reflexology and acupuncture. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting and sharig experiences with others over blackcurrant tea and biscuits! I have made some wonderful new friends, who are also new mums now and live locally. It was lovely to meet up with everyone again at Annabel’s postnatal classes – baby massage and yoga for mums. The classes are really helpful and great fun (not as quiet as the antenatal classes!)

Pictured with baby Ellie May

I tried to do lots of things to prepare myself for childbirth. Annabel’s prenatal yoga class was undoubtedly the most useful and the most enjoyable. Importantly, I met some Mums-to-be who I hope will become lifelong friends. We watched each other’s bumps grow over the 20-odd weeks of the class, and now we are enjoying watching each other’s babies grow.

I looked forward to every class and left feeling relaxed and calm. The breathing techniques and Annabel’s wealth of experience and knowledge allowed my daughter, Maya to have a natural arrival in the water. Annabel was our doula as well as my yoga teacher and Tom and I were so grateful for her solid presence and serenity especially when the third stage of labour proved tricky.

I’m so glad that we decided to have a doula and I am especially thankful that we chose Annabel who I know will be both our friend and Maya’s in the years to come.

Camilla, pictured with partner Tom and baby Maya

Annabel’s yoga birth classes are fantastic; a huge help in preparation for birth and beyond.

She creates a very calm atmosphere to practice yoga, relaxation, as well as somewhere to discuss pregnancy and birth queries with fellow Mums to be.

It is wonderful to go into birth with all the knowledge and info you learn at Annabel’s classes. I would whole heartedly recommend yoga birth to any expectant Mums and think it is important to make this time for you and your baby

Kate M, baby Martha pictured right

I would thoroughly recommend a refresher birth preparation course with Annabel before having any subsequent children. We had an evening session as couple and could not believe how much we had forgotten! On the way home my husband said in an incredibly serious tone for him, ‘I am REALLY glad we did that!’

Thanks to Annabel, Fred and I were a brilliant team on the afternoon Elise was born. The strategies she showed Fred for supporting me meant I was able to cope. I delivered in the way I wanted to and was the first one to pick my lovely little round-faced girl up off the bed. Her birth was an incredibly healing experience after a rather traumatic first birth and I count it as the most satisfying achievement of my life – thank you Annabel!

Anne Kennedy-Levesque, Mini Muse Postnatal Art Classes

Just wanted to say a big thanks again for all your help over the last few months- the pregnancy yoga, couples workshop, advice you kindly gave us when George was barely a week old(!) and most recently the baby yoga. I’ve loved the class, feels like I’ve learnt a new skill and so lovely to do the massage as part of our evening routine, and it’s been great to get back into yoga (the first exercise for myself since George was born…). I’m going to try to keep it up now and join an evening/ weekend yoga class.

Jo Taylor

Not only did I get the joy of relaxation and confidence to birth during pregnancy yoga, I got the power to get my muscles back afterwards and get close to my baby at baby massage and mama yoga. I also had the pleasure to meet a very kind and caring person (Annabel Hargrave yoga teache/doula) who wants the best for a mothers birth and a babies journey into the world. There was also a huge added bonus – i have made some lovely friendships from the classes and still enjoy the company of these other lovely ladies for support …and a laugh