Birth Doula

One on one, personalised support throughout your pregnancy, during the birth of your baby, and the early postnatal days.

Nurturing support for you and your baby

I also offer my services as a Birth Doula. This involves being on call for the birth and attending the birth. There will be opportunities to meet before hand to discussion choices and concerns and I would then attend to birth whether it be at home, in a birth centre or at hospital. I have had experience of all types of birth and it is the most rewarding experience and a true honour to be part of it.

There are various Birth Doula packages available so please contact me directly to discuss these.

Annabel was our doula as well as my yoga teacher and Tom and I were so grateful for her solid presence and serenity especially when the third stage of labour proved tricky.

The breathing techniques and Annabel’s wealth of experience and knowledge allowed my daughter, Maya to have a natural arrival in the water.

I’m so glad that we decided to have a doula and I am especially thankful that we chose Annabel who I know will be both our friend and Maya’s in the years to come

Camilla and Tom