Hypnobirthing and Active Birth

Be calm, be relaxed, be ready.

A one day workshop to prepare for the birth of your baby with Annabel Hargrave.

Annabel is an experienced antenatal yoga teacher who completed the Active BirthTeacher Training and Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Training. She has been working with pregnant women and couples as a teacher and doula for over 20 years.


This unique workshop encompasses the philosophy and practise of Active Birth and Hypnobirthing to give a
complete and rounded approach to normal birth in a safe and positive way.

Hypnobirthing programmes the mind towards the positive as it helps to release fears and enables you to
give birth in the way you are designed to ……. calmly, naturally. You will be introduced to Hypnobirthing
scripts and with practice and repetition you will learn to work together towards a relaxed and positive
state of mind.

“your body knows how to give birth but your mind doesn’t know that your body knows.”

Active Birth incorporates breathing, essential to life and birth, body awareness and movement creating
trust in our body’s ability to give birth. Through the practice of simple breath awareness, visualisations,
gravity assisted positions, movements and relaxation techniques you will become familiar with the natural
rhythm of your breath, which will increase your ability to focus inward and become more relaxed. This
practice is healing and calms the busy mind clearing the way for you to listen to your own intuitive voice
which will guide you through labour as you breathe your way to a better birth.

To include:

  • The physiology of labour and birth – an evolved and intelligent design
  • Positions and movement for labour and birth – massage and acupressure techniques
  • Complimentary therapies to enhance the process and comfort you

This workshop will leave you and your birth partner confident and ready to go forward to the birth of
your baby in a calm and relaxed way. Wear comfortable clothing and expect to enjoy yourself!

Although this workshop does not go into medical complications in great depth, we will learn how best
to avoid complications and use the safety net of medical technology if necessary.

Workshops are held on Saturdays or Sundays 10.00am till 4.30pm approx

There will be a break for lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the session

Cost £150 per couple – £50 deposit

Class dates and locations

Hypnobithing and Active Birth course

Saturdays 3hr workshop
On Zoom